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Adya is a publically traded holding company and strategic shareholder in telecommunications and technology companies. With offices located in Toronto, Canada, we focus on the acquisition of accretive businesses. Our team and resources specialize in operational, network, engineering, and administrational efficiencies allowing for reducing operating costs and increasing revenue.

Adya currently holds a number of leading companies under its worldwide portfolio. The portfolio of companies spans all sub-sectors of telecom services. For more information on our portfolio of companies.

Why Adya

Real Partners: Aligned, Transparent and Effective

With decades of operational and acquisition expertise, Adya's team takes a collaborative approach with management to maximize a company's revenue while mitigating its risks.

Extensive Network: Multiple Sectors & Regions

Adya optimizes its extensive network of contacts to facilitate business relationships and channel partners who can help increase top-line revenues.

Operational Expertise: Integrative

Adya's extensive Administration, Engineering, Customer Support, Marketing, Networking Operations experience is utilized from management support to operational recommendation at a Board level

Corporate Governance: Engaged, Disciplined, Practical

With advantage of decades of Board involvement, Adya is able to help form a contributing and professional Board of Directors with influential leaders that can contribute to a company's success.

Philippines: Access & Guidance

Adya assists its companies to access potential customers, suppliers, and customer service operations with a full-functioning office located in the Philippines.

Strategic Formulation

Adya provides its companies' management with an effective and sustainable growth strategy and implementation plan.

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